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Wedge Double Pendant
+ Details
26.25" T x 6.75" W x 3.25"

+ Options

Light Source: Warm LED, 20W max
Mounting Cable + Powercord
All standard cable mounting allows for field adjustable OAL of up to 8'. Contact factory for longer lengths

As Shown: Brushed Nickel Finish / Clear Glass

+ Additional Info

Metal: Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel or Antique Brushed Brass
Glass: Clear, Copper Tint or Blue/Gray Tint

+ Description

Two wedge-shaped 26-inch tall cast glass shapes, floating back-to-back around an internal diffuser and 20W of warm LEDs. Minimal Brass frame.

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about this product
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Contact Us

Dennis Miller Associates

New York Design Center
200 Lexington Avenue
Suite 1210
New York, NY 10016
United States