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The Den
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Acrylic on Canvas
48 x 36 in.

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Alison Gibbons Watt was born in Helensburgh, Scotland in 1975.
Alison’s paintings draw on memory to capture fleeting moments in time and highlight how experiences help shape our emotional landscape. Having lived a relatively nomadic life over the past two decades her works also employ a transient nature where the paint marks move across the canvas in rhythmic fashion.Considering a force of movement through a virtual space the paint takes a sometimes curvaceous form tracing an imaginary line. There are also moments of stillness where the thickly applied paint creates richly colored tactile surfaces effusing a deep contemplative moment.
The brush marks are applied using a blend of chance and certainty implying a sense of order and repetition set in contrast to painterly moments of disarray and release. Bold color saturates the canvasses creating unexpected palettes and rich tones set against planes of neutrality which continue the tension within the works.
Originally from the West Coast of Scotland Alison’s deep connection to color is inherited from the richly toned landscapes and steely grey skies of her childhood. Growing up in a small characterful seaside town set amidst national parks with a backdrop of mountains and lochs the setting provided many inspirations early on. Alison gained a First Class Honors Degree in Painting at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen in the north ofScotland and upon graduation was awarded the Royal Scottish Academy Prize for Painting. This was followed by a Masters Degree in European Fine Art in Barcelona, Spain.
Alison’s work was quickly embraced by the fashion industry and she consulted and designed for many iconic brands in Europe and the US which led her to setting up her own textile print studio. She exhibited her designs extensively in Paris, London, LA and New York which subsequently led to a permanent move to theUS.
New York became the source inspiration to her work. She immediately connected to its enigmatic sense of urgency, it’s chaos alongside it’s minimalism and most of all in the depths of friendship that you encounter whilst there. In her Brooklyn studio in D.U.M.B.O. whose windows overlooked Lower Manhattan and the EastRiver a new body of large works on canvas emerged. This set in place the return to full time painting and anew language in her work having lived many lives over several seas.
Alison currently resides in Newport, Rhode Island where she has her studio and she is drawn to the dramatic rugged coastline which bears a resemblance to her native Scotland.

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