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Spencer: Hush
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Width: 27” / Repeat: 14” / Sidematch: Yes
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Alpha’s wallpapers are hand-painted on commercially produced basic wallpaper stock. They are durable, Class A (ASTM E-84) fire-rated, and may be installed with standard pastes and do not require a liner. They may be wiped with a damp sponge during and after installation. All our colorants are non-toxic and VOC-free, as well as highly fade-resistant.

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At the Alpha Workshops Studios in New York City, a team of five dedicated artisans spend their days creating bespoke, hand-painted wallcoverings. Signs of each artist’s hands find their way into the work. You see it in the sumptuous tactility of dripped paint, in the still-visible imprint of the crafter’s sponge, in the diaphanous layers of shimmering color only achieved with the lightest touch. To create the designs in our Texture Collection, Alpha’s artisans first create a series of intricate folds, and then use paint to capture the topography of the folded paper. The resulting product is a beautiful design that possesses a graceful blend of movement and implied texture.

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