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2700K 95+ CRI LED, Dimmable Drivers (ELV) 120V Input
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Heights may vary by 2”

16”Diameter x ~8” Tall, Approx 15lb

24”Diameter x ~9” Tall, Approx 21lb (shown)

30” Diameter x ~10” Tall, Approx 30lb

45” Diameter x ~12” Tall, Approx 45lb


Brushed Brass

Brushed Nickel

Antique Brushed Brass (shown)


16”: 32W

24”: 55W

30”: 75W

45”: 100W

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Aircraft Cable with adjustable grippers, 8’ OAL standard, field-adjustable. 20” minimum OAL standard; 14” OAL possible with special suspension kit.

16” & 24” Suspended from a 5.5” Canopy with integral driver. Single suspension splits into 3 cables.

30” & 45” Suspended from a 8.5” Canopy with integral driver. Three cables from canopy direct to luminaire.

Remotely located driver optional; Canopy is 5” x 1” for remote. Single suspension splits into 3 cables.

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Molten glass, cast into delicate ribbons of flowing refraction, is edge-lit by a ring of LED. Bubbles and flow lines are completely unique to each casting and may vary significantly.

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