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Phalanx Sofa
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98”W x 31”L x 29”H, 16.5” S.H., 19.5” A.H.
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Various metal finishes available.

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COM: Base & Back: 11.9 m [13 yd], Seat: 7.3 m [8 yd]
COL: Base & Back: 21.7 m2 [234 ft2], Seat: 13.4 m2 [144 ft2]
Tray: 10”W x 31.5”L

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Phalanx sofa exudes a grounded yet sensual sensibility, its seat is tenderly clasped by a fully upholstered frame which is elevated by patinated legs. Removable wooden trays nest on each arm making this design both sophisticated and practical. Being a self-contained seating and surface set, the Phalanx can become a flexible component of a living room layout or work effortlessly as a standalone piece where space maybe limited.

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Please Note: Product will be shipped 6 weeks after receipt of COM/COL. Shipping can take up to 2 weeks.
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