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Milton Resnick – Untitled
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Milton Resnick
Untitled, 1986
Collograph unique with hand-painted ink
36 x 24 inches
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One of the last Abstract Expressionists, and a peer and friend of Willem de Kooning, Milton Resnick maintained a fierce commitment to non-representational painting throughout his career, making large-scale, heavily impastoed, near-monochrome canvases whose all-over compositions were are impenetrably dense and often challenging. For Resnick, the meaning lay in the process of painting; he approached painting as an all-encompassing endeavor. “What I like is for a painting to act in many different directions at once, so strongly that it will shatter itself and open up a small crack, which will suck the world in,” he said. From 1976 until the end of his life, Resnick worked from a large synagogue on Eldridge Street on New York’s Lower East Side.

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