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House Suspension
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16"W x 16"L x 12"H 16" Min. OAL 30 lbs.

10"W x 36"L x 15"H 24" Min. OAL 55 lbs.

10"W x 42"L x 15"H 24" Min. OAL 60 lbs.

10"W x 48"L x 15"H 24" Min. OAL 65 lbs.

10"W x 54"L x 15"H 24" Min. OAL 75 lbs.

10"W x 60"L x 15"H 24" Min. OAL 80 lbs.

12"W x 72"L x 18"H 30" Min. OAL 120 lbs.

Ceiling Plate
4.5"Ø x .25"
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Shade of die cut mica discs & copper rivets with a Lucite
frame and cable or rigid stem suspension.

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Please Note: Product will be delivered 6 weeks after reciept of COM/COL.
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