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Hoopla Pendant
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HOA: 30” - 54”; 76.2 cm - 137.2 cm

10620 Hoopla Pendant I
D 16" x Ring Height 7/8"
D 40.6 cm x Ring Height 22 mm

10621 Hoopla Pendant II
D 24" x Ring Height:.87”
D 61 cm x Ring Height 22 m
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Hoopla was inspired by requests from architects and lighting designers for “non-fixture fixtures” that do not clutter spare spaces or compete with restrained interiors. One sinuous stem built of a scant, 7/8” powder coated aluminum channel starts at the canopy and drops to form a lit “hoop” in 16” and 24” diameters. Designed for performance, it uses up to 36 watts of power at 2700°k and 90 CRI, making it perfect for any office environment.

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