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Hall Wall
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4.125"W x 6.5"H x 5.25"D 4 lbs.
Back plate: 4.125"W x 6.5"H
Shade: 3.375"Ø x 5"H

7"W x 9.5"H x 8.125"D 10 lbs.
Back plate: 7"W x 9.5"H
Shade: 6"Ø x 8"H

4"W x 12"H x 3.375"D ? lbs.
Back plate: 4"W x 12"H
Shade: 2.5"Ø x 8.25"H
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Finish: Deep brown oxide or Satin nickel.
Mold Blown Glass Shade: Helbeige, Nile green, Opal white or Tabac (Inside acid etch).

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Copper body, mold blown glass shade.

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