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Buy Valium Laos" data-cycle-slides="> div">
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+ Details
Standard Dimensions:
24"w x 9"d x 2"h; Backplate 3"x 3"
36"w x 9"d x 2"h; Backplate 3"x 3"
48"w x 9"d x 2"h; Backplate 3"x 3"

Custom sizes from 16" to 108" (in 4" increments)
+ Options

Shade: Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Antique. Brass, White/Black Powdercoat
Stem/Backplate: Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Antique Brass, Chrome, White/Black Powdercoat

+ Additional Info

Weight: 2’: 6lbs, 3’: 8lbs., 4’: 10lbs.
Materials: Aluminum
Labeling: CE/UL
Electrical/Voltage: 110-volts. No driver required
Dimming: 0-100%
Color Temperature: 2400k or 2700k (select temp. on order)
Accessories: 4x4 J-Box Cover Plate

+ Description

The GRASP SERIES is a substantial, architecturally-inspired design. A hand-fabricated clasp envelops the rectilinear shade.

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Contact Us

Dennis Miller Associates

New York Design Center
200 Lexington Avenue
Suite 1210
New York, NY 10016
United States