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Gobbi Club Chair
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34"w x 38"d x 34"h; 16"sh, 25"ah COM: 10 yds; COL: 180 sq.ft.

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Available with recessed swivel base;
Available two different sizes. Walnut (Amber, Cardamom, Clove, Espresso, or Java).
OPTIONAL: Rift Sawn Oak, Mahogany or Maple.
Also Available in a smaller version 27"w x 34"d x 31"h; 16"sh, 23.5"ah / COM: 9 yds; COL: 162 sq.ft.

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Small Gobbi Ottoman 27″w x 20″d x 16″h / Large Gobbi Ottoman 34″w x 24″d x 16″h

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