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Facet Ring
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Glass Size: 15” x 9”, 25 lbs.
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EDS: 2700K, 90+ CRI leds

Glass: hand-cast glass, with naturally occurring bubbles. Clear standard, or any color optional. Glass Size: 15” x 9”, 25 lbs.

Metal: Brushed Brass, Antique Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel available.

Dimming: Dimmable drivers included compatible with most ELV dimmers.

Single Cable Mounting (standard): Field-adjustable aircraft cable. 120V Drivers in surface canopy. Surface Canopy is 5.5” Diameter by 2” Tall.

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Triple Cable Mounting (option): Field-adjustable aircraft cables. 120V Drivers in surface canopy. Surface Canopy is 8.5” Diameter by 2.5” Tall.

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Facet Ring edge-lights a ring of 1” thick, faceted cast glass for a floating, dynamic ring of refractive interest. Hand-cast glass accentuates bubbles and flow patterns, which contrast with the polished faces. A minimal brass ring rests on top with high-CRI, warm LEDs.

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