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60"l x 24"w x 30"h
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Clearance from floor to bottom of table top is 26”

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SHOWN IN: Statuary Walnut (finish), Bronze colored steel legs.

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Dining table with wood top and steel legs. Legs are placed one to a side at 90° to each other. Legs are 3″, 4″, 5″ & 6″ respectively.

Bronze Baked-on EpoxyBronze Baked-on EpoxyNATURAL WALNUT (FLAT CUT)NATURAL WALNUT (FLAT CUT)AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT (FLAT CUT)AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT (FLAT CUT)Ebonized Walnut (Flat cut)Ebonized Walnut (Flat cut)stormy walnutstormy walnutStatuary Walnut (Flat cut) [Metallic]Statuary Walnut (Flat cut) [Metallic]Walnut Sand (Flat cut)Walnut Sand (Flat cut)
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