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Valium 20 Mg Online" data-cycle-slides="> div">
Valium India Online" data-cycle-slides="> div">
CT-21 (Rectangle)
+ Details
48"l x 24"w x 16"h
48"l x 36"w x 16"h
+ Options

The following finishes are available for Quick Ship: All other finishes require standard lead time.
Walnut Sand (Flat-cut)
Natural Walnut (Flat-cut)
American Black Walnut
Statuary Walnut (metallic)
Stormy Walnut (Flat-cut)
Ebonized Walnut (Flat-cut)
Standard Metal:
Bronze (baked on epoxy)

+ Additional Info

QUICK SHIP: Six (6) weeks for production. Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. Furniture is crated and shipped via YRC (outside of New England and New York tri-state area) and must be arranged to a receiving warehouse. Shipping within New England and New York may be via blanket-wrap movers (Ace & Acme).

+ Description

This coffee table exhibits a signature element of Antoine Proulx design where the metal legs pierce and slice through the wooden table top.

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Contact Us

Dennis Miller Associates

New York Design Center
200 Lexington Avenue
Suite 1210
New York, NY 10016
United States