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CT-21 (Rectangle)
Prices Range Between: $5,590.00$5,850.00

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48"l x 24"w x 16"h or 48"l x 36"w x 16"h
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The following finishes are available for Quick Ship: All other finishes require standard lead time.
Walnut Sand (Flat-cut), Natural Walnut (Flat-cut), American Black Walnut, Statuary Walnut (metallic), Stormy Walnut (Flat-cut), Ebonized Walnut (Flat-cut), Standard Metal: Bronze (baked on epoxy) ONLY.

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As Shown: Natural Walnut (Flat-cut), Bronze (baked on epoxy) legs

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This coffee table exhibits a signature element of Antoine Proulx design where the metal legs pierce and slice through the wooden table top.

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American Black Walnut (Flat cut)American Black Walnut (Flat cut)Ebonized Walnut (Flat cut)Ebonized Walnut (Flat cut)Natural Walnut (Flat cut)Natural Walnut (Flat cut)Statuary Walnut (Flat cut) [Metallic]Statuary Walnut (Flat cut) [Metallic]Stormy Walnut (Flat cut)Stormy Walnut (Flat cut)Walnut Sand (Flat cut)Walnut Sand (Flat cut)
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