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Cloud Round 264
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Size Shown: 6’ x 4’ x 9’ drop. 264 LEDs. Specify custom size desired. Drop with metal stem up to 20’.
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LEDS: 2700K, 90+ CRI leds.
Glass: Clear pressed glass.
Finish: Mirrored stainless shown. Brass, Antique Brass, also available.
Power/Dimming: 120V input, dimmable drivers available.

+ Additional Info

Mounting: Mounts to pre-engineered structural framework for larger sizes. Must be coordinated with factory. Above pictured luminaire lowers on a winch for access to ceiling.
Weight: Each glass/LED module weighs 1 pound. Canopy is approximately an additional 20%, depending on various factors.

+ Description

Cloud Round uses an array of individually suspended, nearly solid 2” glass spheres, each illuminated by a warm LED, to create a cloud of sparkling, optically potent points of light. The canopy and suspension size and material are customized to fit the installation and visual intent; the above picture shows a custom mirrored stainless canopy and stainless stem with 6’ canopy length.

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