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Catacaos Pendant
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HOA 30" - 54"
HOA 76.2 cm - 137.2 cm

10216 Catacaos Pendant 24"
Dia. 24" x H 7"
Dia. 61 cm x H 17.8 cm           

10217 Catacaos Pendant 30″
Dia. 30" x H 8"
Dia. 76.2 cm x H 20.3 cm

10224 Catacaos Pendant 36″
Dia. 36" x H 10"
Dia. 91.4 cm x H 25.4 cm

10225 Catacaos Pendant 48″
Dia. 48" x H 13"
Dia. 121.9 cm x H 33 cm
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The Catacaos is a sophisticated update on the ancient South American handcrafted technique called Filigrana in which small metal pieces are combined to create a large spiral pattern. This pendant and its flushmount cousin won the Best of Year award from Interior Design magazine.

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