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Buffalo Jump Table
+ Details
7"w x 15"d x 21.5" or 24.5"h
+ Options

Cantilevered side table with steel base and stitched leather, marble, or solid surface top; leather not included. Clear nylon glides.

Cippolino marble or limestone.

Metal Finish: Ancient Pewter, Antique Brass, Gun Metal, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Satin Black, Statuary Bronze, Satin Black Chrome, Polished Black Chrome, Satin Brass, Polished Brass.

+ Additional Info

Quick Ship

This item is available for Quick Ship in Polished Nickel with Marble, Limestone, or Granite top options.

Lead time: 4 weeks Quick Ship lead times are dependent upon complete specifications.

+ Description

Cantilevered side table with steel base and solid surface top; Clear nylon glides.

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Contact Us

Dennis Miller Associates

New York Design Center
200 Lexington Avenue
Suite 1210
New York, NY 10016
United States