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Baker + Hesseldenz at Jiun Ho NY

Tucson-based Baker Hesseldenz Studio, designer of dramatic luxury furniture and interiors, infuses refined elegance with a hint of rebellion. Partners in work and in life, the principals bring seeming opposite influences to the brand’s design approach. Scott Baker hails from generations of classically-trained furniture designers; Mary Ann Hesseldenz comes out of ‘70s fashion and punk rock. The collection, at once boldly confident and discreet, offers unexpected solutions for high end residential, hospitality and executive spaces.

Baker Hesseldenz Studio represents a multitude of disciplines and skill sets, beyond that of luxury furniture design. We are a multifaceted family of passionate individuals with backgrounds in all areas of design, from fashion and interior design, to art curation and graphic photography, to woodworking and architectural design. Each one of us is a craftsman in our own right, and it is through our individual capacities that we are able to work towards something that can be considered simultaneously timeless and modern. Our studio’s work directly represents the multi-cultured interests of the individuals that compose it. We are firm believers that design influences culture, culture shapes values, and values determine our future. Together, we endeavor to continuously hone and push our capabilities to the limit, whether that be in the realm of traditional hand craft, or through advancements in fabrication technologies. In a focus of design where ‘originality’ is often times scarce, we hope that Baker Hesseldenz Studio can always offer something refreshingly unique.

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