Collection: Powell & Bonnell

A “library” built from individually cast translucent resin books, illuminated from within by an LED light strip. Available as “Light Reading” a single book, “Heavy Reading” 3 conjoined books with LED light on strip on center book and non-lit books in a series of 3, 4 or 5 in varying size books.

All configurations are available in either Warm (Rose/Ruby), Neutral (Jet/Ash) or Cool (Sapphire / Aquamarine) resin colours.

Non-lit collection is available.

As shown: “Light reading” in Cool resin and “Heavy Reading” in Warm resin.


  • 11.5” h x 9”d x 1.5”w - Light Reading
    12”h x 9.75”d x 3.25”w - Heavy Reading

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